The basics of implant dentistry are fairly simple; replace both the root and the crown of the missing teeth, whether it is immediately post tooth extraction or if they have long been missing.

The Post and the Restoration
Dental implants are made of two parts: the post and the restoration. The post is a screw-like piece of titanium that our experienced dentist will surgically place into your jawbone. The purpose of this post is to replace the root of your missing tooth and hold the restoration in place.

The restoration can come in many different forms including dental bridges and even implant-supported dentures, depending on your particular needs. Dr. Ihab Soliman will help you determine what kind of restoration will be the most effective for your oral health in order to provide you with the best dental care possible.

Bone Grafting
One of the possible consequences of missing teeth is a loss of bone mass in your jaw. This can make your mouth unsuitable to receiving dental implants because you know longer have the facial structure to stabilize implants.

Fortunately, our dentist can perform an oral surgery known as bone grafting to help strengthen your jawbone and prepare you for dental implants. This procedure involves transplanting a piece of your bone, or adding bone fragments or artificial bone material, to your jaw in order to bolster your jawbone. Once the procedure has been completed, your jawbone should grow together with the graft and you should result in a stronger, healthier jaw.

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